The restaurant is located in a building constructed in the mid-1800’s.  The building won the  “Historic Preservation Felllinis Logo Circle FormatAward” in 2004.  The windows contain glass from the original building.  The floors are made of distressed pine recovered from Virginia barns and buildings.    Also indoors you will find a delightful horseshoe shaped Copper Topped Bar, walls covered in brick and wormed-chestnut, stained glass partitions from the original building as well as a romantic fireplace, wooden tables and restored pine benches and chairs.  We display art from local artisans for your enjoyment  and our decor includes many original Fellini movie posters  throughout the bar and restaurant.  The atmosphere at Fellini’s #9 is casual elegance – delicious meals, cozy atmosphere and romantic melodies from the piano in the bar. We have many Italian wines as well as a variety from Virginia and around the world.  We have beers on tap and “Fellini’s” cocktails.

Be sure to include Fellini’s #9 in your plans – before or after an event at the Paramount, a relaxing dinner after a beautiful hike at Monticello or for a romantic interlude to your hectic schedule.

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Fellini’s #9 Restaurant

Many guests have asked what was in the building before it was Fellini’s #9.  An extensive search at the Historical Society revealed that this building was used as a private residence, as a furniture and antique store and as a rummage sale shop for the council of churches.

In May of 2004 I visited Charlottesville for the first time to attend my nephew’s wedding.  I returned on Memorial Day to visit my uncle who had come to the wedding but had a serious infection and was unable to leave Charlottesville.  During that time I fell in love with the area and career wise I was ready for a change.  I saw this building for rent I looked in and instantly felt a connection.  I wanted to keep the name “Fellini’s” because of the history.  However I also wanted to change it slightly to give it my story.  So, since my uncle ended up having a toe amputated (he has 9 toes) and given that my entire immediate family has a “9” in their birthday, I added the #9 to the Fellini’s.  I appreciate your dining with us.  Please comment on your experience.

Jacie Dunkle

Fellini's #9 Inside

Fellini’s #9 Inside


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